Whether you’ve got your heart set on a quiet escape high up in the craggy glens of bonny Scotland, or a modern glamping retreat just an hour’s journey from London, there are thousands of options available to you (yes, thousands, really!).
We’re a nation of campers
Did you know that, according to the Great Britain Tourism Survey, there are approximately 15 million camping and caravanning trips in this country each year? This survey also found that the average camper likes to take three camping trips each year, with an average trip length of 4 to 5 nights (almost 80 percent of people camping for at least three nights).
Summer is by far the most popular time for camping
August is the most popular month for camping in the UK - with 60% of people choosing this month, followed by July at 49%. So why do so many people choose summer camps in the UK instead of hotels or B&Bs?
Here are 10 reasons why:
1 - You can experience the stunning beauty of the British countryside
There’s no better time to appreciate the British countryside than at the height of summer – come rain or shine. From long walks on the dramatic cliffs of the South Coast, to refreshing walks through sleepy woodlands and glaciated valleys, there’s so much to appreciate.
2 - You can enjoy quality time with family and/or friends
Instead of spending half your holiday glued to your phone, camping creates the perfect environment for socialising and spending quality time with others. Just think of all the camping games you could do. Star gazing, a midnight swim, singing by the campfire, long philosophical conversations until the early hours - you get the idea!
3 - Get some fresh country air into your lungs
Pollution is a growing problem in many parts of the UK, with 40 towns and cities reaching or exceeding the World Health Organisation limit of 10 micrograms per cubic metre. By spending a few days or a week at summer camps in the UK, you can revitalise your lungs and enjoy the fresh air of the countryside.
4 - Appreciate the simplicity of nature
Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take in the beauty of morning bird songs, rustling trees, the sound of trickling streams, the scent of sunflowers, and all the other simple pleasures of the countryside.
5 - Get more exercise
Camping holidays are the perfect opportunity to go on long walks or bike journeys - and it’s all thanks to the lack of modern distractions.
6 - Enjoy Wi-Fi access
If you can’t bear the thought of not having internet access during your holiday, you’ll find hundreds of campsites now provide fast Wi-Fi access so you can easily stay in touch with friends and family.
7 - It’s cost effective
Compared to staying in a hotel, a bed & breakfast, or an apartment, camping is incredible value for money. Once you've chosen a tent, paid the campsite fee and have your food and essentials sorted out, there's little else to worry about.
8 - Pet friendly
Anyone who owns a pet or has owned one will understand how hard it can be to leave them behind when you go on holiday. Most hotels do not allow dogs or other pets, and taking them abroad can be very bureaucratic, costly and stressful for your pet. Fortunately, most summer camps in the UK accept pets so you won’t have to leave them behind. 
9 - Socialise with fellow campers
Get chatting with other like-minded campers who have similar interests and the same passion for the great outdoors.

10 - Get away from sedentary living

Millions of us spend far too much time sitting down and the main reason for this is that much of our day-to-day work involves sitting at a computer. Camping is an excellent opportunity to escape all that and keep your body moving (unless you’re very unlucky with the weather).