1. Create a Calming Effect With the Hero Pose


A meditative seated yoga exercise, the spinal alignment of the Hero Pose is a good counter to a slouched posture and allows for better breathing....Read More

2. How to Revolve your Trikonasana


An excellent asana to strengthen joints and muscles of the body, and can be done by infusing the spinal twist with the standing forward bend. ...Read More

3. How to Advance to Ardh-Chandrasana From Utthita Trikonansana


The half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana) is for stability and balance, and also can improves flexibility and heighten awareness....Read More

4. How to Practice the Intense Side Stretch Pose


The standing forward-bend posture, also known as Prasarita Padottanasana and is ideal preparation for performing both a headstand and a peacock pose....Read More

5. How to Relax your Back After a Long Day


The Fish Pose reduces neck and shoulder pain further, opening the rib cage to increase respiratory capacity and can help you sleep better....Read More

6. True Relaxation with Face Down Dog Asana


The objective of this asana is to induce both stretching and relaxation of the diaphragm and find true relaxation....Read More

7. Simple steps to achieve Your Warrior Position


Virabhadrasana is commonly known as Warrior Pose. It is great for balance and toned abdominals....Read More

8. How to Improve Your Triangle Pose


An intense strength for your arms and legs, but the Triangle Pose is an exercise worth learning about. ...Read More

9. How to Balance Your Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose


Make the pose accessible and easier with a foam brick. This position helps you warm up and prepare the body for more subtle poses....Read More

10. How to Do The Diamond Pose On a Foam Brick


Feel pain in your knees or ankles while practicing the diamond pose? A foam brick is a ideal solution. ...Read More