1. Yoga Day 1 for Balance and Concentration


The Day is to help you balance the movements and improve your concentration....Read More

2. Yoga Day 2 for Toning and Calmness


The Day is to awaken your vital energy, stimulate your body and the psyche....Read More

3. Yoga Day 3 for Reverse Postures


The Day is for inversion postures where the heart is above the head. Reverse pose balances the nervous and lymphatic system....Read More

4. Yoga Day 4 for Hip Opening Postures


The Day is to focus on the muscles of the pelvis, to detoxify this area and expel stagnant energy, including emotional memories....Read More

5. Yoga Day 5 for Breathing, Meditation and Concentration on oneself


The Day is to focus on moments of relaxation through postures that promote breathing and meditation. ...Read More