While it may always feel like Christmas day is the one that requires all the focus when prepping for the festive season, it’s important to not underestimate boxing day. It doesn’t necessarily need to be any huge plans, but one activity that always goes down well is a nice hearty stroll. Feel like you need proof? Well we’ve got several reasons right here.

Gives you a chance to try out your new Christmas Gifts!

Many of us have been there. You get given a present that is perfect for the great outdoors but as you can’t make the very most out of it straight away, it gets put to the side and forgotten about. With a boxing day walk, you can put these great gifts into action and through their paces. Even with just a short stroll, you’ll start to appreciate your new gear, and might even help push you on to get out and about as much as possible during the festive break and into the new year when, let’s face it, leaving the house doesn’t always seem the most attractive option. Break in your new outdoor essentials, and you won’t regret it.

Walk off the Christmas lunch and pudding (before the boxing day tea)

It’s always a toss up for people's favourite part of Christmas day. The presents? Or lunch? If it’s the latter, then there’s a good chance you’ll have consumed more than your usual amount and will spend the rest of the day relaxing in front of the TV. But as the sun rises on Boxing Day, you’ll be presented with a perfect opportunity to get out and burn some of those calories that were put on the day before, as well potentially in the week leading up to Christmas. This certainly isn’t to say that your walk needs to be the length of Britain, but a few hours outside will put you back on the path to being active once more.

Family time!

Although it’s known as a time of year that brings everyone together, actually finding an activity where the whole gang turns up can be tricky. So why not do it with a walk? It’s one of the few active pastimes that usually doesn’t require you to make a booking that doesn’t require a headcount, doesn’t require a time slot and you’re able to choose a walk that suits every member of the family. It may even turn into a yearly family tradition?

Everybody is friendly out on the walk

The season of goodwill does not finish at midnight on the 25th of December. Infact, with the stress of the big over, the days after Christmas are often the nicest and most relaxing. The Boxing day walk is the perfect example of this. On any day of the year, walking is known for being an excellent way to boost mood, so that coupled with Christmas joy, and you are on to a winner. As you and your group wander along the route, you should (hopefully, if they’ve read this article too) see other groups who are still full of festive joy and may even want to stop and say hello!

Dust off the cobwebs

Whatever your Christmas setup, it’s not unusual to start feeling like getting outside is pretty vital after a long day of festive pleasantries, which can cause a cooped up cabin fever feeling. Walking is known to be a great stress reliever, as it releases chemicals known as endorphins, which help decrease any stress you’ve been building up over a busy few days. On a more serious note, this is also a reason to invite others close to you who may not have as much of a tight knit group during Christmas time as you. If you’ve got some spare time, give them a call and meet up for a wander. So, instead of sitting inside and tucking into the remains of yesterday's lunch, set off on your walk, and you might just be happy to be back home in front of the tv once you’re done.

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