Target Bombing

Equipment: several scrunched up socks and 5 to 10 containers

Instruction: Place different sizes of 5 to 10 containers on one side of the room. Mark a point on each container. From about 3 to 4m distance, throw underarm/overarm and get your socks into each container.


Equipment: toilet rolls and several scrunched up socks

Instruction: Place 2 parallel lines of toilet rolls (6 rolls on each side) about 30 to 50 cm apart, and each row about 2m apart. One row of toilet rolls has socks on each roll. Try to pick up with the hand nearest the roll, swap over and put down with the other hand.

Jump Square

Equipment: several scrunched up socks

Instruction: Moguls - line up the socks about 1m in length. try to jump from side to side with two feet.

Jump the river - place the socks about 1m apart. try to jump off one foot, land on two feet.

Hops - place 6 to 7 socks about 30cm apart. Try to hop on 1 foot in between socks.

Kangaroo jumps - Use the hops track and try 2-footed jumps along the track.

Balance Beanie Bags

Equipment: If you don't have beanie bags, use toilet rolls or a pair of scrunched up socks

Instruction: Children walk around in any direction in the room, balancing a toilet roll/bean bag on their head or different parts of their body. Use arms for balance. Grown-ups give the commands, such as "touch to floor", "one foot on the ground", "Bend your knees" etc

Collect the Beanie

Equipment: a few socks scrunched up if you don't have bean bags

Instruction: Have minimum 3 players. Each player is about 2 to 3m apart ideally making a triangular shape in position and has 4 to 5 socks on their spot. When the grown-ups command "go", all players will try to steal each others socks one by one and then put it in their own spot quickly. How many socks did you have on your spot after 30 seconds?