Here are 6 water safety tips for kids sure to help keep them safe while they thrive in that new environment.
1. Arrange a meeting point if you get separated

If you're in a busy area, then kids can easily find themselves lost in the hoards of holidaymakers. If this happens - and it often does - then pick a landmark for the family to meet at if someone does get lost. Pick a prominent landmark, something large and distinctive that's easily visible from afar.

2. Be wary of the tide and current

If you're entering the water on a new beach, then make sure you ask the lifeguard on duty about the conditions. Riptides are common on beaches with breaking waves. They are strong, narrow stretches of water that flow counter to the waves, but only at the surface. Unsuspecting swimmers can easily get carried out in them.

Due to the fact that they are narrow, they can be easily escaped from by swimming sideways. However, the main danger associated with them is that the child panics and tries to swim counter-current. They can quickly tire as they struggle to fight the push of the current, and this is often where they run into trouble.

Establishing some swimming safety rules before letting your kids run free is recommended. Ensure they steer clear of potentially dangerous areas, and allow them to play and swim in calmer, shallower sections.

3. Pick a fenced section at the pool

It’s typically something we don’t think of, but there are some important considerations regarding swimming pool safety for kids. If you have young kids, then ensure they play or swim within a fenced section. Don't allow them to wander off, especially if they are toddlers and aren't yet strong swimmers. The main danger occurs when they panic in deeper water. Find out if there's a lifeguard on duty, and if so, make him or her aware of any concerns you may have.

4. Slap on the sun cream

The sun-kissed coast of Spain is a common destination for British tourists. While it offers many attractions, there is one danger that constantly lurks overhead in the height of summer, and that's the sun.

Getting sunburned is a common occurrence for many folks holidaying in southern Europe, and the dangers of it are well documented. Kids are particularly susceptible as they spend long hours outside playing in the sun.

For kids swimming in the water, the danger often becomes apparent with the ease by which sun cream can wash off the skin when in the water. Several types of sun cream are designed with this in mind. Top brands offer protection for up to 90 minutes, after which point you'll have to reapply. Stay vigilant, and apply it often to keep them protected.

5. Shallow diving

If you're staying at a hotel, chances are they have a swimming pool. Lifeguards are rarely on duty at these pools, and one danger often associated with such places is children diving into shallow water.

If diving is permitted in the pool, then ensure your children do it only where it's permitted. Stay vigilant and make the children aware of the importance of vacating the diving area after surfacing from their dive.

6. Order a European Health Insurance Card

If you're an EU citizen, then a Health Insurance Card entitles you to medical treatment should it be necessary. For children under 16, they can be included in the application of an adult.

Accidents sometimes occur on holiday, and while it's unlikely you'll have to use your card, it's something that's well worth having for peace of mind if nothing else.

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