Commuting to work without a car is great for your body and mind. It’s an excellent opportunity to smash your daily exercise goals before the day is even started or clear your head of any pre-presentation worries. Plus, petrol is expensive, parking can be a nightmare and who wants to be weighed down by four wheels when your work friends suggest hanging out after hours?

Walking to work is just a dream for a lot of people

Especially city dwellers, but if you’re lucky enough to live close by, we guarantee opting to get to the office the old-fashioned way will boost your mood and fitness. Whether you’re ambling through nature or nosing at nice houses, there’s so much to keep your brain occupied and just think of all that fresh air you’re getting (not to mention the traffic you’re avoiding!).

Worried about the time it’ll take on two feet? You could get the train into work and walk back, when your schedule is less tight, or even run.

Running will obviously get you there quicker

Plus it ticks off cardio for the day (your PT will be so proud). Invest in a good pair of running shoes – supportive, grippy and cushioned – and highly-visible, moisture-wicking layers you can peel off on the move.

If you haven’t got a shower at work, be sure to pack a wash bag so you can freshen up on arrival.

Now for the most popular mode of person-powered transport...

A bike will get you to work faster and fitter

A road bike will be best for most routes, but don’t overlook an e-bike, which will help take some of the strain off particularly long or hilly commutes. You don’t have to spend loads on your commuter bike either, but if you’re planning on making a permanent change, it’s worth getting the best you can afford. A hybrid bike will mean you can double up on weekday commuting and casual weekend rides. Calculating all the money you’ll save on not filling up and ditching season tickets might be all the inspiration you need to splash out…

Scooters aren’t just for kids

Choose an adult scooters that is lightweight, robust and easy to handle. You’d be surprised by how much speed they can pick up too, just in case you’re running late for your 9am meeting. The best commuter scooter in our opinion is one with good suspension so switching terrain won’t be a problem and abrupt stops won’t send you flying.

Top tip: consider an electric scooter, which will give you extra oomph on lengthier journeys. We’re all for injecting a bit of fun into getting from A to B.

How about lacing up your inline skates

Picking up your old passion for skateboarding, or pick up a new sport like longboarding?

There are plenty of inline skates for beginners and in-store experts can help you find the right pair – and technique – to suit you and your commute.

For both skating and skateboarding on the pavements and road, we recommend you don’t set off until you have the right safety gear – that’s a helmet as a minimum, and ideally pads for your elbows and knees.