1. How to Master the King Asana- The Sirsasana


The name king of Asanas comes from its excellent healing effects for both the body and mind....Read More

2. How to Perform Shoulder Stand in Vinayasa Yoga


Shoulder stand is a powerhouse of a pose. It is very beneficial for your body and mind, can take time and patience to master....Read More

3. How to do Crow Pose (Kakasana) in Hatha Yoga


It is a balancing and core strengthening Asana. This pose requires you to be flexible and focused....Read More

4. How to do Sideways Crow Posture (Parsva Kakasana)


The asana increases body awareness, self-confidence, and physical coordination. It requires flexibility and focus, You should warm up before attempting it. ...Read More

5. How to get to Scorpio Pose(Vrschikasana) in Iyengar Yoga


This asana brings mobility to your spine, also helps to improve shoulder flexibility and upper body strength....Read More

6. How to master Eight-Angle-Pose (Astavakrasana)


The How to master Eight-Angle-Pose counts as an advanced asana. This posture is part of the advanced arm balance sequences, and core strengthening sequences. ...Read More

7. How to do High Lunge pose (Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana)


This high lunge pose is a great static pose to focus on building strength in the legs, lower back, and aiding mobility in the hip and shoulder girdle. ...Read More

8. How to perfect the Lord of the Dance Pose(Natarajasana)


The balance that comes from the pose awakens our understanding that clarity brings steadiness....Read More