Should you go for a vest top or a tracksuit? Follow our guide to making the best choice when choosing your ladies' tennis wear.
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With changing seasons, it can be tricky to build a sportswear wardrobe that you can look to every time you pick up your racket, but with a few key pieces that will work year round, plus some extras for very hot or very cold weather, you’ll feel much more prepared.

1. Outdoor Sportswear For Hot Weather
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When it’s hot and during the summer months, your choice of clothing must first and foremost be based on its ability to minimise perspiration, so opt for lightweight pieces that offer good freedom of movement, such as a vest top and skirt or dress.

2. Indoor Sportswear For Hot Weather
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You’re inside so there’s probably air con, but in the summer, you’ll still want to wear light clothing that’s soft against the skin. Think a T-shirt or polo, with shorts or a skirt.

3. Sportswear For Cold Weather
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When it’s chilly out, you’re first thought will be staying warm, but don’t let this hinder your freedom of movement and remember that you’ll get hotter as you play. Layers are best. Try a zip-up jacket and trousers that you can easily remove after your warm-up, and wear a T-shirt underneath so you can adapt to your temperature.