So you’re getting close to that time. You’ve been slowly (or quickly) building up running stamina, found routes that you really enjoy, and are starting to really enjoy the way running makes you feel. Is now the time to take your running experience to the next level? Well, if you’re reading this article, it’s clear you feel like it is now that time. While we’d certainly recommend you take on a half before executing a full length marathon. It is good to look through everything The Running Channel has to offer on the subject in one place. That way, you’ll really get a sense of what you’re building towards.

Let’s get into it.


Getting Prepped for a Half Marathon

As is the case with other Running Channel articles we’ve written, preparation is half the game. With these easy to follow training tips and advice, you’ll be able to get your body ready for race day in the right way.

Stepping Up From 10km To Half Marathon Distance | Half Marathon Training Tips and Advice -

If you’ve gone through the steps, mastering 5K, then onto 10k and you’re starting to feel like it’s time to move onto your first half marathon, then this is the video for you. With The Running Channel’s Rick and Anna as your guides, you can both learn about setting goals, different types of training and fueling you’ll need for the actual race, and how to start shaping that mindset for the next stage of your long distance running targets.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Running My First Half Marathon -

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can trip you up. With these 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to understanding the ways of the half marathon.

First Half Marathon Tips | How To Run Your First Half Marathon -

Even with all your previous experiences, pushing yourself on to run a half marathon isn’t always easy. In this video Anna offers useful tips and advice on how to approach the race and things to think about during your training.

How To Run Your Fastest Half Marathon | You NEED To Do These 3 Workouts -

Whatever your running experience, getting a good time will always be playing in the back (or front) of your mind. Of course it’s about getting your technique and breathing right before you start hitting any high speeds, but it’s always good to know to improve your personal times. This video sees Anna and Rick show you interval based exercises (which can be adapted for all abilities) that will need to be done alongside your runs. If done correctly, this should be able to cut your time in does that sound?

Running a Half Marathon

As race day approaches, it’s about understanding the best ways of approaching it, the emotions you will go through, and how to get a great personal best time.

Thoughts Of A HALF Marathon Runner Mile by Mile | Great North Run 2019 -

Running isn’t just about what you do with your body, it’s also about how you deal with the mental strain. By knowing what you may experience, you’ll be so much more ready when race day comes. In 2019, The Running Channel’s Anna took a GroPro along with her the Great North Run and with every mile past, she recorded her thoughts. Give it a watch, it may be a great help.

How To Get A Half Marathon PB | Run 13.1 Miles Faster -

Runners wear their PBs (personal bests) as a badge of honour, and once you’re comfortable with completing the 13.1 miles, you may start comparing yourself to others. While neither we or The Running Channel would advise comparing yourself to others while you’re still building up stamina, this video can offer you great tips on how to improve it.


For distance runners, doing a half marathon in under 1 hour and 45 minutes is the sweet spot, and a great benchmark to aim for if you’re just getting started. With the help of Anna and Rick and their tips and sessions, this target is closer than you think.


Getting Prepped for A Marathon

Much like graduating from 10km, it’s important to understand exactly what’s needed when making the step up. Much like a marathon, the road is long, but with the right preparation and these helpful tips, you can do it.


Half marathon out of the way? Congratulations! Now let’s talk about stepping up to a full Marathon. While you may know the basics of training from a half marathon, there’s a few tweaks you can make to your routine that will help you go the distance. And it’s all in the video below!

Marathons are COMING! Our Top 8 Tips To Get Ready -

We’re so excited that marathon season is just around the corner, after so many races being canceled

Probably more than any other type of running, being prepared for a marathon is vital. From training tips to staying inspired to nutrition and fueling, this video takes you through the best ways to get ready for the big day.


Sometimes it’s not necessarily about the amount of training you complete but the quality of training you do. Marathon’s are obviously known for their length of 26.2 miles , but how much training distance does a runner need to cover in order to be ready for one? Step forward Kate and Anna!

It is important to note that this was filmed before COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines were brought in.

Top tips for running a Marathon

Much like a half, getting your head in the right place is vital when it comes to tackling the big one. You can do all the training you want but understanding what you will go is a good way of having an enjoyable (as possible) experience. Here’s what the guys at The Running Channel have to say on the matter.

Thoughts Of A Marathon Runner Mile by Mile | Brighton Marathon 2019 -

You may have already watched Anna’s running diary from the 2019 Great North Run Half Marathon. This time, she’s taken it up a notch and is hitting the Brighton Marathan with the GoPro, and again, recording what is going through her head as each of the 26.2 miles falls. It’s an insightful and entertaining watch, so give it a go.

Everything I Wish I Knew Before My First Marathon -

Once all the training is done, you don’t want to tackle a marathon with regrets. Before you set off, let Anna, Kate and Rick take you through all their Marathon essentials, from drinking enough water to wearing clothing that doesn’t make your experience a miserable one. Check it out!

How To Fuel For A Marathon | Marathon Training Tips For Runners -

When it comes to actually running a marathon, getting the fuelling right is essential, especially if it’s your first time. Find out more in the video above.

How To Recover After Running A Marathon | Marathon Recovery Tips -

While you’re probably only thinking about the 26.2 miles that is coming up right now, it is worth planning your post race set up too. Luckily for you, The Running Channel have made a video that makes it all so very easy to organise, so you know what you can and can’t do, then go straight back to focusing on the big run!

Good luck!!