1. What Kit do I Need to Start Playing Rugby?


Depending on the type of rugby you’re playing, you need surprisingly little in the way of kit to get out and play. Here's our rundown of rugby essentials. ...Read More

2. Safety Tips for Rugby


Rugby is a physical game – that’s why people who play it love it – and good coaching can help minimise injuries. Here are a few tips on how to play safely. ...Read More

3. Who Can I Learn to Play Rugby With?


Rugby for beginners is best learned with qualified coaches and experienced players around you. Here are the best ways to learn the game safely....Read More

4. Finding a Rugby Club for Beginners


Looking to play contact Rugby? It's only possible when you play for a club, where you can learn safely from qualified coaches and other experienced people. ...Read More

5. Rugby for Beginners – Fitness Exercises


A high level of all-round fitness for rugby is important. If you’re just starting out, these exercises will help prepare your body....Read More

6. Rugby for Beginners - Nutritional Tips


Rugby is a great way to keep fit, and the better you eat, the more you’ll get out of it. Check out our general guide on how to eat well to play well....Read More