1. What Kit do I Need to Start Playing Cricket?


You can have a fun game of cricket in any old comfy clothes – if you’re planning to take up 11-a-side hard-ball cricket , you'll need the right kit....Read More

2. Where Can I Learn to Play Cricket?


Whether you just want a few pointers for a knockabout in the park, where to join a club, or get some indoor cricket coaching, we take you through it....Read More

3. How to Stay Safe Playing Cricket


Cricket is great fun and a great way to keep fit – but it’s easy to get hurt if you don’t take proper care. Here's our list of tips to help minimise injuries....Read More

4. Where Can I Play Cricket as a Beginner?


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5. Fitness Tips for Cricket Beginners


Cricketers need explosive speed and strength – particularly in the shoulders, back, core and sides. These exercises should help your body get ready. ...Read More

6. Health and Nutrition Advice for Cricket Beginners


From periods of stillness followed by explosive activity, Cricket places a huge variety of demands on the body. Here's how to cope with demands accordingly. ...Read More