Crossfit exercises you can do using the environment

Push ups

Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who’s never really done a full-body workout, push ups are one of the best exercises for overall muscle growth in the upper body - and a great starting exercise for crossfit workouts for beginners. They target the chest (pecs), shoulders, triceps and upper back – and you can easily adjust them by using different positions.

Start by straightening your arms and lowering yourself so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, keeping your legs and back as straight as possible. Next, lower your chest until it kisses the floor, pause for a moment, then return to your starting position and repeat. Make sure your elbows don't flare out at any point, and don't sacrifice on form in order to try and complete more push ups. You can also perform this movement with your arms a little closer together to work more of your triceps.

Body squats

Another exercise that’s perfect for crossfit workouts for a beginner, body squats target your upper legs, glutes and core. They can be performed on any flat surface indoors or outdoors, and you don’t need any equipment. Plus, they can help you boost your lower-body strength and improve mobility in your hip joints.

To begin with, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, eyes level and abs tucked in. Start bending your knees and lowering your hips until your thighs are positioned parallel to the ground. Make sure you keep your back as straight as possible throughout the movement to minimise the risk of muscle strains or injuries. Repeat the exercise for the desired reps. If you’ve never performed squats, the bodyweight versions are an excellent way to perfect your form before you move into barbell squats with plates.
Exercises using training bands - you can do these at the park

With training brands, you can do dozens of exercises without having to be anywhere near a gym. Anyone can use these bands, too, so they can be easily incorporated into a beginner Crossfit workout plan. Just find a tree, lamppost or a sturdy pole that you can wrap the training bands around while grabbing the handles with your hands.

For your back, you could perform some rows by wrapping the bands around the object so that they are parallel to your chest. Pull the band towards your body, squeeze your shoulders, and return to the starting position to repeat the movement. To work the chest, turn around so that you push the bands outwards until your thumbs nearly touch, being careful not to move past your shoulders when you go back to the starting position.
Other training band exercises you can do using the environment

You can also perform a bicep curl by putting your feet on the bands, then pulling the weight up with your lower arms - keeping your upper arms stationary and shoulders back throughout the movement. For triceps, the bands should be wrapped around a suitable object so that they're roughly parallel to your waist. Keeping your elbows back and upper arms stationary, start with your forearms parallel to the floor and your palms facing down. Move your forearms down until they're bent at a 90-degree angle, then repeat the movement (you should be able to feel the tension in your triceps after a few reps).

For your legs, place the bands around the object so that they’re anchored at roughly the same height as your chest when your legs are in the lunge position. Starting with your right leg forward and your right knee directly above your right ankle, loop one handle through the other, pulling it tightly so that you have one long band with one handle available. Pull the free handle in your left hand and move it to your left shoulder, making sure your palms face down, your arms are parallel to the ground, and your elbows are back. Repeat the movement for more reps, then switch legs.