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Osteopath Caroline Bonnière told me how sport prevents certain problems. Muscle load helps to make our bones denser, as described below…
1. Stimulating Muscles To Strenghen Them

The practitioner puts it simply: "To take care of your body, you need to move."

So far, I totally agree…

"By stimulating muscles, requiring effort from them during exercise, we create micro-lesions which help to strengthen them day after day," explains Caroline Bonnière.

She gives the example of cross-training, which works all the muscle groups in our body.
2. In All Sports, Keep A Good Posture!

There is one imperative here.It's vital to practise correctly.

"You need to take care and get your posture right, in all sports. This is why it's important to get good guidance. For example, when horse riding, you need to sit up straight and move smoothly with the horse. Only this posture will work the back muscles correctly and allow the rider to develop."

"Soliciting and contracting the muscles session after session also has an effect on our bones", Caroline Bonnière explains.

"The repeated flexion and extension of our muscle mass works our joints. With regular solicitation, our bones will become denser and stronger. Sport in general strengthens our bone structure, thus preventing certain problems such as osteoporosis, polyarthritis or lumbago. Atonic muscles do not protect the skeleton."

Sport not only affects our muscle mass, but also our bones.
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3. Sport, The Elixir Of Youth

There is no age limit for doing sport and keeping healthy : it is even strongly advised to exercise at any age! After the age of 30, a person loses 0.5% of their muscle mass each year.

"Sport, adapted to each stage of life, combats ageing and helps regenerate our tissues thanks to good oxygenation," the osteopath continues.

"Swimming, cross trainig, fitness walking, yoga… The important thing is to adopt the body positions that allow you to practice correctly. And of course to enjoy yourself!"