Looking to explore somewhere new? From coastal roads to alpine climbs, this may well be the channel for you. From discovering new horizons, to recreating the strenuous feeling these long cycles would create, the CTXC channel does absolutely everything it can to give you authentic but arduous cycling experiences. The inclusion of an effort bar along the right hand side of the video that aligns with the setting and scenario that is taking place in front of you. For some rides, it even takes into account that your bike is suffering from a puncture! Each journey will have you working on various disciplines, from holding back to conserve energy as you glide along, to a hill attack up a steeper climb. If you’re looking for the real thing without leaving your living room, then look no further. 

Global Cycling Network (GCN)

For those looking for an intense workout, the Global Cycling Network will take you on quite a ride. Although they do also have a selection of how- to tutorial videos, the majority of the GCN content are workout videos, ranging from spinning classes with and without leaders, to onboard footage from their presenters cycling famous routes, and also sometimes training sessions alongside professional teams. Both in terms of structure and guidance, GCN’s videos are superbly presented. The effort level, shown on the right hand side of the video has a ten-point scale, meaning every workout build-up is well measured (and that when the scale hits ten, it really means ten). On the more recent videos, the cadence level is presented as a circular metronome, with two yellow dashes spinning around it at the recommended level, which will work well for those without a cyclocomputer with an actual cadence measure. 

While these are intense sessions, they are approached with a light hearted manner to them, and each post contains their playlists, so you can use them for your own workout if you wish. 

Below are three of GCN’s most popular workout videos, including ‘Burn Fat Fast:20 Minute Bike Workout’ which has over 10 million views on Youtube. 

Indoor Cycling Videos 

This is a channel with similar content to the CTXC and onboard footage from GCN, with each video taking you on different virtual tours from routes across the globe. The strength of ICV lies in its extensive footage; if you’re looking for any famous European cycle ride, there is a strong chance it is on this channel. Although some do include a Garmin meter which gives you a sense of the conditions, what it’s missing is the effort and cadence meters that give you a more authentic cycling workout experience. So if you’re looking for an intensive experience, this may not be the one for you, if you’re looking for a little holiday whilst at home and seeing something new, check it out.

The links below show the range of rides.