You’ve decided you want to learn how to mountain bike because you see that it’s more than just turning the pedals. Once you have mountain bike skills, they’re yours for life, but how do you get them? There are lots of clubs and organizations that are powered by people willing to share their skills with you. Here we tell you where you can go to learn how to mountain bike.

  • Clubs

Cycling clubs come in all varieties and are often a further expression of members’ interests, starting with what type of riding they like to do, such as mountain biking. Join a mountain bike club that aligns with your aspirations to earn and/or improve your mountain bike skills.

See “How to Join a Cycling Club

  • Mountain bike courses, classes, and camps

Take your pick and learn from certified instructors to gain mountain bike skills at one-day or multi-day courses, classes, and camps. There’s a huge variety to choose from throughout the UK, and the curriculums have been designed for specific participants. For instance, beginners, kids, teens, families, and women can join courses tailored specifically to them. There are also courses that cover specific topics, like descending, jumps, and drops for when you want to improve your skills even more.

To find available courses, classes, and camps, search online for “mountain bike courses UK” to turn up the top options. Trail centres may also offer courses or classes so why not plan a weekend away at a trail centre and learn or improve your skills while you’re there? 

  • Coaches

If you really want a fast-track way to learning how to mountain bike, hire a coach for some one-on-one instruction. A coach can work with you to assess your position on the bike and your riding style in order to make adjustments for improved performance. Take the time to find a coach with a good reputation for teaching mountain bike skills because mountain biking is also a “head game” and a good coach will teach you how to win at that game.

  • Online videos

Once you’ve been riding for a little bit, you may have identified a specific weakness that you want to address. This is where online mountain bike skills videos come in handy. Learn essential basic skills, find out how to bunny hop, climb faster, and descend like a pro, and also learn what not to do when you learn how to mountain bike.

For example, the Global Mountain Bike Network has conveniently created a playlist on its YouTube channel called “Mountain Bike 101”.

  • Friends and mentors

There’s nothing like a little friendly trail rivalry to help you improve your mountain bike skills. If you’re riding on your own, you might be tempted to bail out of trying to clear that obstacle you’ve wanted to overcome. But if you see your friend clear it, ask him or her to show you the technique, and then try it yourself. Riding with friends and mentors also keeps you committed, inspired, and motivated to attempt new things, something that leads to constant improvement.

Mountain biking involves both physical and mental effort to become a master of the sport. Even when you do master a trail, there’s always another one to provide new, thrilling challenges but if you learn how to mountain bike from skilled instructors, you can use your experience to overcome them.