Not only is it super fun, but it helps kids stay both physically and mentally sharp - which helps them stay happy.

When we think of boxing it’s easy to think of people getting punched or injured. The truth is that boxing training is one of the best cardio workouts you’re likely to find, and certainly one of the most fun – and it can be practiced pain-free!

What are the benefits of sending your child to a boxing club?


In a time when children have a multitude of electronic devices geared towards holding their attention, it’s easy for them to forget about staying fit and active. Boxing can be just as fun as tablet or computer game. It’s also a great hobby.


To practice boxing effectively you need to learn about self-discipline and respecting your opponent. These are the foundations upon which each club is built. Boxing trainers are generally experienced with different types of people, from an array of different backgrounds. They can put you in line, or put an arm around your shoulder.

Stress relief

Boxing is a great way to let it all out. Children sometimes find it tough to express themselves - especially their anger. Boxing channels that negative energy into a positive activity, all without any tears.


The repetitive circuits used in boxing training means that it becomes second nature. Boxing workouts are as much about defence as they are about attack, so students become adept at looking after themselves.

Finding the right club

Most boxing clubs offer a trial session. It’s important that the trainer understands exactly what your child wants to get out of their training - whether it’s to build confidence or let off steam. The relationship between a trainer and trainee is all about respect, listening and the willingness to show you’re motivated.

Boxing at home

If you’re looking at boxing as an activity you would like to share with your child at home, it’s very easy take-up. All you’ll need is a punch bag or a pair of pads, as well as your gloves and wraps.

What do you need to start boxing?

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are to cushion our hands during impact. The weight of the glove we buy is dictated by our weight, but for children it’s different. They need a glove that protects, whilst being light enough to effectively throw punches.

Adults And Kids Table.png

Hand wraps

Hand wraps help prevent sprains and hairline fractures, and are worn under gloves. Children under six might not need to use them as they will not yet possess the power to cause injury.


Mouthguards protect our teeth and gums. Even if your child will not be participating in full-contact training, it’s wise to buy a good mouthguard as precaution.


A good pair of shorts and a comfortable pair of shoes will be great to start with. After time you may want to consider a pair of boxing shorts or boxing boots.