What’s more exciting than waking up in the morning and seeing a thick covering of fresh snow out of your window? While ski resorts are few and far between in the UK, we’re not short of hills to whizz down on a sledge. Though you’ll want something that glides well, and which is easy to manoeuvre. And to minimise the risk of injury, you’ll need a sledge that’s safe and sturdy, and which supports your weight on the way down.

With so many different types of sledges available, how do you know which one to go for? We’ve put together a list of the best sledges for all ages and budgets. From simple snow shovel designs to fun paret sledges, there’s plenty to choose from, so you can channel your inner child and make the most of that rare snow day.

What are the different types of sledges?

There are many different sledge types on the market. There are kids sledges, and sledges for adults. And there are cheap and cheerful options, as well as traditional wooden designs. And what type of sledge you choose will depend on who will be using it and how adventurous you want to be.

Traditional wooden sledge

Featuring a slatted seating area on runners, this old-fashioned type of sledge is a design classic and built to last. With metal runners, it can really build up some speed. Though they’re not so good on soft snow as they tend to sink into it. When the snow is a little more compact, a traditional wooden sledge really comes into its own. They’re quite bulky so bear this in mind if you’re short on storage space. And they’re pretty heavy too, making it more difficult for little ones to drag up a hill. But they sure do look the part!

Winter sports enthusiasts will love this Davos traditional wooden 120 cm sledge, perfect for children over 3 years old accompanied by an adult. Ideal for enjoying quality time with the family, it’s very robust so can be used again year after year.

Traditional Wooden Sledge.jpg

There’s also a clever foldable wooden sledge option too for easy storage and transportation.

Baby bobee sledge

A seat-style bobee sledge is perfect for toddlers who want to join in on the fun, and ideal on gentler slopes. They’re fitted with a safety harness so little ones can be strapped in securely, and the leash allows you to safely control the speed and direction.

This babies’ sledge seat provides back support and a more comfortable seat for babies and toddlers. It can also be cleverly clipped to a junior or adult TRILUGIK sledge.

Babies' Sledge Sheet.png

Shovel sledge

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful option, a simple shovel sledge can provide hours of fun on a snowy day. They’re compact and lightweight, and they cost just a few pounds. Simply hold the shovel by the handle and off you go! Though just be aware that plastic can split and crack, especially on impact or on rough terrain.

This plastic shovel sledge offers simple and effective acceleration, and it’s robust enough to take weights of up to 50 kg. Plus, its compact design will take up very little space in the boot of your car so it can be taken anywhere!

Shovel Sledge.jpg

Tray-style sledge

These plastic tray-style flat bottom sledges are practical and user-friendly, and are great for the whole family. Ideal for occasional use, they’re more affordable than the traditional wooden sledge and they allow you to lie close to the ground with your legs outstretched for comfort.

This kids’ tray sledge is made from tough, super-slippery plastic. Designed to be lightweight, speedy, and smooth, it also has two manual brakes for safety. And it can be pulled up hills with the sledge puller (with handle). Plus, there’s a tray-style sledge for adults too.

Kid's Folding Snow Kick Scooter.jpg

If you’re willing to spend a little more, how about this kids’ 2-seater snowblade sledge by Hamax? It has excellent glide, a metal brake, and precise steering thanks to the steering wheel and its front directional runner. And with a maximum user weight of 70 kg, it’s suitable for small adults too.

2-seater Snowblade Sledge.jpg

Or for real thrillseekers, the Yooner Enduro Paret Sledge is a genuine ski runner. Ideal for gathering speed and carving tight turns, it has a comfortable and ergonomic seat, and has a maximum user weight of 100 kg, making it perfect for kids and adults alike.

Yooner Enduro Paret Sledge.jpg

How much should I spend on a sledge?

We have a large range of sledges available at Decathlon, starting from just £2.99 for a simple plastic shovel sledge which should serve you well enough for a few snow days a season. A seat sledge at £12.99 will let babies and toddlers join in on the fun (from our eco-design range), and you can pick up an affordable 2-seater tray sledge for £29.99. Or if you’re looking for something more traditional, we also have an old-fashioned wooden sledge for just £39.99 which will go the distance and provide family fun for winters to come.

If you live in a particularly hilly area that sees lots of snow, it’s a good idea to pay a little extra for features like brakes, tow ropes, and carry handles to make stopping, steering, and carrying that little bit easier.

Plastic Vs Wooden Sledges.jpg
Three teenagers race on their sledges. link

So what’s best, a modern plastic sledge or a traditional wooden sledge? Well, in reality, BOTH have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wooden sledges sure do look the part. They’re strong, sturdy, and built to last. And the metal runners really let you build up some speed. Though they’re not so good on fresh snow, and they can be a little heavy to manoeuvre. Plastic sledges tend to be cheaper to buy and there are lots of different styles to choose from, including those with a harness, or brakes for safety. They’re designed to be lightweight and speedy, although they tend not to last as long as plastic can crack on rough terrain.

Or for some serious cool-factor and super-smooth gliding, a scooter, snowblade or paret style sledge combines the benefits of both plastic and metal for fun and effortless sledging.

At DECATHLON, we have a good range of sledges for the whole family. We have baby and kids sledges, and sledges for adults so you can enjoy some winter fun. Plus, get help and advice from our expert sales assistants in store.