One of the questions was about whether people were interested in having a pocket on these kinds of shorts. The response was unanimous: "There's no point!" But after a day of riding, almost everyone had used the pocket and was even won over by it.
Adding a Practical Pocket

For us, it's almost a year since we got behind the idea. It came to us during the Ardéchoise in June 2017.

"The idea came to mind during a break. I didn't know what to do with my GPS. A bit later, as I was riding, I was really annoyed to find that when I put the wrappers from my bars in my pocket, they often found their way out without me noticing and ended up littering. I wanted a cleaner, more effective solution. When Camille, our garment designer, made the first prototype, everyone in the office thought we were mad. 'I've never seen a pocket on cycling shorts, it's ugly, it's pointless, etc.' That's when I realised that we were on to something a bit different!" Eric, Triban leader.
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Adding an easily accessible pocket to the outside of the thigh would change our relationship with our cycling shorts, and was perfectly in line with the TRIBAN goal of making road cycling focus on comfort, ingenuity and sharing. 

"The idea seemed simple: build a prototype with a pocket on the side so that cyclists could easily find it and stuff whatever they wanted into it, in one motion. On paper, it was easy. In reality, I ended up making 12 different models. I think I worked through every possible way of making a pocket. The seam was too flat, or too narrow, or too big. Sometimes it would move, or it would be too tight." Camille, our garment designer.

In the end, quite by chance, she came across a reflective bias binding in the workshop... and it worked!

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Combining Comfort And Ingenuity_3.jpg

"The pocket is really practical. Depending on my ride, I use it for my glasses, my gloves, sometimes even my bank card or a cereal bar. It's easy to access and doesn't get in the way at all when pedalling.For me, it's much easier to reach than a jersey or jacket pocket." Olivier, from Triathlètes en Europe.

"We've been wearing our cycling shorts for over 8 hours a day, every day, for almost 2 months, so we can safely say that they stand up to everything! And in terms of comfort, we've got no complaints. I mean, our bums are a bit uncomfortable but given how intensively we've been cycling, and how it's also to do with the saddle and the state of the road..." Rémi, from Triathlètes en Europe.

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More Comfort, More Adaptability

The pad in these cycling shorts has gel inserts to better absorb vibrations. We've also made them extremely comfortable by using a mesh back and mesh straps that don't cut in. And besides providing support, the straps are also light so that you'll forget you're even wearing them, and breathable so they don't annoy you.

"I go cycling with colleagues three or four times a week. At the end of the ride, when we're getting changed, some people's shoulders have been completely cut up by classic straps. They're covered in marks and lines. With mesh straps, that doesn't happen. And it's really welcome." Sébastien, merchandising manager for Triban.

Mesh is also more elastic: it's comfortable whether standing or cycling, and fits every build. The elastic on the leg has also been expanded so it doesn't leave any marks on your thighs.

You'll be so comfy you'll forget you're even wearing them.