Those hiking in the mountains require a solid camping solution. Quality backpacking tents must find that unique balance between a lightweight and compact design that stands up to the adverse conditions found in the mountains. At Decathlon, our range of backpacking tents accomplish just that and more. Intuitive and easy to set up, they ensure not only lightweight comfort, but also a spacious interior in well-ventilated designs. Here we introduce our top backpacking tents.

This compact backpacking tent provides the ultimate 1-person adventure solution. Weighing in at only 1.6kg, it’s easily carried on long solo backpacking trips. Designed for much more than shelter, the Trek900 combines a host of features that ensure convenient comfort for the solo explorer. With 2 top ventilators to aid in heat regulation, and a flysheet fabric engineered to filter UV radiation with a UPF of 30, it offers both comfort and protection.

Those venturing to exposed areas have little to worry about thanks to the durable design. The Trek900 has been tested in the wind tunnel to withstand strong winds of up to 70km/hr. Easily assembled yet secure, it comes in a self-supported design. The breathable flysheet is highly waterproof with the ability to withstand tropical rain showers for 4 hours. While the seams are sealed with thermo-bonded strips to ensure no moisture can penetrate.

Once fully assembled, the tent offers an internal height of 101cm with the added convenience of 3 pockets and a hook up top to hang a lamp. The 68cm awning between the interior and the flysheet provides ample space for storing supplies. With room for a 50-70 litre backpack and hiking boots, it enables that minimalist, tidy approach to camping.

Light and compact, yet still a top performer in wet and windy conditions, the sleek design of the Quikhiker packs a punch. Ideal for those short trips with a trekking partner, the Quickhiker is the ideal compact camping solution. Essentially a bed with a canopy, it comes in a minimalist design that weighs in at only 2.05kg ensuring you won’t be held back on the hills.

The durable Quickhiker comes in a sturdy,waterproof design that stands up to winds of up to 70km/hr. In addition, it includes mosquito nets on each side for complete summer protection from biting insects.

Inside, it’s spacious at a length of 210cm, while the tapered design provides a comfortable 130cm of width at the shoulders. Outside, the porch is 60cm deep and provides ample storage space that’ll easily keep two 50-litre backpacks dry and protected.

The Quickhiker is quick and easy to assemble. With the poles fitted on the tent opposite the sheaths, it saves precious time when pitching in the late evening. Designed with environmental sustainability in mind, the Quickhiker is made from 20% recycled materials.

Designed by those in the know, our team of mountain backpacking enthusiasts have come up with a design that ticks every box. The Quickhiker 3-person backpacking tent combines those all-important characteristics every hiker requires in this lightweight compact design that provides abundant space within.

Coming in at a total weight of only 2.75kg — that equates to less than 1kg among 3 hikers — this ultralight solution won’t hold your trekking party back on the hills. Additional weight savings are to be found in the light but durable aluminium tent pegs engineered for maximum strength and minimal weight.

Inside, the Quickhiker is spacious at 215cm long with 180cm of width at the head. 3 pockets exist within for supplies, while outside, there’s almost 2m² of additional storage space for backpacks and hiking boots.

The tent can be very quickly mounted and folded. The bedroom and flysheet are premounted with the hoops on the tent opposite the sleeves — a design that saves valuable time when pitching.

When it comes to trekking in a larger group, comfort is of paramount importance. Striking the balance of lightweight compactness and ample living space is key, and in the Quechua Quickhiker 4-person tent, our team of expert designers have hit a home run.

With a total weight of only 4.15kg that compresses down to only 40cm x 22cm x 21cm, the Quickhiker is easily carried in the hills. When pitched, it provides spacious comfort with a maximum height of 122cm and 7 interior pockets to organise belongings. At 215cm long and 230cm wide at the head, it provides a surprisingly roomy environment within.

As with all larger tents, our design team has paid particular attention to ventilation and limiting condensation. The tent comes complete with mosquito net sections for improved ventilation along with water-repellant sections that protect against condensation and draughts.

The large awning provides close to 5m² of additional storage space that’s perfect for everything from rucksacks to hiking boots and even bicycles.