Taking a stand for the planet can make you feel good and get you fit and healthy too

Whether you’re running, walking, hiking or climbing, discarded litter can really spoil your feel-good vibes. But taking the time to stop and do something about it, whatever your sport, can give you an eco-warrior buzz all of its own. So when you’re out on the river, in the park or up a hill, follow our top tips for leaving it better than you found it, and feeling good about it too.

Be prepared!

It’s so easy to walk past a dropped can or sweet wrapper because you don’t have the means to clear it up. Make sure you keep an old carrier bag or rubbish bag and some gloves in your rucksack or running pouch, and you’ll be able to get your eco-warrior fix whenever you head out the door.

Give yourself a challenge

Sometimes, there’s just so much rubbish you can’t clear it all. Don’t let it get you down. Instead, choose a fun challenge for your litter pick and stick to it. Are you going to clear big things, like tyres, that are an eye-sore? Or could you focus on small pieces of lightweight plastic, like crisp packets, that will easily get blown into rivers and streams? Can you just pick up things that can be recycled? By the end of your activity, you’ll have a story to tell about the difference you’ve made.

Invite your friends

You can rally your friends and family to the cause too - and head outside together. Litter picking as a tribe can make other people stop and think too. If you like getting competitive, why not see who can pick the most litter? You'll be surprised how much you can collect in just an hour.

Find a local group

If your friends aren’t into it, why not make some new ones through a local litter picking group? Searching on social media is a good place to start, and it feels great to get kudos from fellow litter pickers for your efforts.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Segregate your rubbish and recycle where you can - that way you’re not just clearing the place you love, you’re giving the rubbish you collect a whole new lease of life too. Now that’s a double win, and a double buzz for you!

Want to get started?

If you’re inspired by this article but don’t know where to start, why not join a litter pick near you? World Clean Up Day is the biggest worldwide clean up event in human history, and in 2019 Decathlon UK is celebrating this with a UK-wide programme of clean up events on and around Saturday 21st September. Check out our events below.

Watch what happened around the world on World Clean Up Day 2018!

Taking a stand for the planet can make you feel good and get you fit and healthy too