From relaxed strolls through grassland meadows, to scaling jagged passes as you climb toward a summit’s cairn. Whether you’re taking it easy, or pushing the limits, you’re doing it in the great outdoors. By choosing brands and products that follow sustainable practices, you can give something back to the land you’re exploring.

Ditch Disposables

Most of us forget to do our recycling now and again. So, if you are feeling guilty for popping that empty mayo jar in the wrong bin bag, there is a road to redemption. Reusable products should be your first port of call. From ‘bags for life’ in the supermarket to a reusable survival bag when your traversing the wilderness, ‘reusables’ benefit the environment. They also throw you some positive karma, man. On top of that, they allow more room for pre-hike food prep.

# Water Bottles

When you pick up a reusable water bottle, you help reduce the amount of ‘throw away’ plastics that are swamping seas, beaches and landfills across the globe. Ditch the one-use bottles, whether it’s to save the pennies or to do your bit. The Quechua range offers numerous colours and styles of bottle or flask. Made from Tritan, a durable and long-term plastic, the Quechua range is BPA free, and won’t leave you with a funny aftertaste. If you want to avoid plastic completely, there are multiple aluminium and stainless-steel options which will last you a lifetime.

# Reusable Essentials

The traditionally single use survival blanket is also available in a multi-use design. The Forclaz Reusable Survival Blanket will cost a few extra quid, but it’ll last you a warranty backed two years. Of course, a survival blanket is very rarely used, but is an absolute essential when needed. When loading up your layers for insulation, look no further than the MH100 Quechua Fleece, made from 100% recycled bottles. Finally, first aid shouldn’t be overlooked, ever, and a reusable cold compress from Offload provides you with immediate response to any muscular or impact injuries that cause swelling. Single use packs are going to do the job, but investing in a cold pack you can pop in the freezer and use on your next ramble is going to save you money and save wasted plastic.

Sustainable Business

Before you start making choices between products, you need to ensure you are purchasing from a company focussing on ethics and environment from design to delivery. Decathlon practices a strict commitment to sustainable practice. Pushing for paperless transactions in store, and an aiming to use as little packaging as possible. We carry this ethos right back to design and production. Even during product development, we ensure renewable, recycled and raw materials are used wherever possible.

Be Sensible

Of course, we aren’t robots, it’s not always easy to plan everything to a tee. Sometimes you’ll pick up a disposable water bottle or buy a packaged sandwich, we’re all human. But, if you want to make the change to buying sustainable products, or follow sustainable practice in your preparation for a hike, we’ve given you some solid steps to start. The fact you are thinking about it is your first foot forward. Hiking provides us with physical and mental benefits that are connected both with exercise and connecting with nature, so let’s make an effort to give something back.