1. Mild Weather

Depending on your climate, autumn might offer some of the nicest running weather of the year. With summer’s heat behind you and sub-freezing temperatures still ahead, conditions are often perfect for exercising without expending energy on keeping cool or keeping warm.

2. Prevent Seasonal Depression

As you’ve heard us shout before: running is good for your mental health as well as your physical health. Getting your blood flowing, and giving yourself more exposure to daylight, have both been clinically proven to improve mood and alertness.

3. Enjoy a Change of Clothes

Maybe you enjoy a seasonal fashion update? Fall weather gives you an excuse to try out the latest base layers and wind shells. And maybe you’re due to replace the shoes you’ve worn out over the summer season?

4. Enjoy the Leaves and Scenery

The landscape also gets a fashion update in autumn. The greens of summer are cast off in exchange for fiery foliage, and then for bare trees that let you see for miles through the woods. Don’t miss the show!

5. Enjoy the Early Evening Sunshine

Soon enough, the sun will be down by late afternoon. Take advantage after-work daylight while you still can.

6. Run Through Fallen Leaves

When leaves cover the roads and paths, enjoy the soft surface. Running can feel like a wilderness experience, even on familiar roads and paths.

7. Outrun Zombies and Ghouls

There’s no way of knowing what might rise from the grave to pursue you on Halloween. Staying fit gives you the best chance for escape.

8. Pre-Empt End of Year Holiday Excesses

Holiday meals and treats and desserts are coming soon. And you want them! The longer you keep running, the fewer added pounds you’ll have to contend with come spring.

What are your best reasons for going running this autumn?