Follow the guide for skin that is firmer and full of vitality!
Step 1: Preparation

To start with, relax your face by tensing and releasing each part of your face, one by one.

This preparatory exercise helps you to notice an often unconscious state of facial tension.
Step 2: Wake Up Your Muscles

Next, screw your eyes shut and maintain the contraction for a few seconds, then open your eyes wide. Repeat this stretch several times. For your eyebrows, just lift them very high, and then release. For the mouth, make a great big smile for a few seconds, then release. Next, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as far as possible.

Finally, relax your face.

Step 3: Muscle Work

To exercise your muscles, start by closing your eyes very tight. Put your index finger above your eye and your thumb below, then try to open your eye. Similarly, open your mouth wide in an "O" shape. Put your two index finders to the left and right, then try to widen the "O".

Repeat these exercises several times in order to feel a real contraction in your facial muscles.

Step 4: Exploration

After effort, comfort! Now, you will explore your face with the pads of your fingers. Walk the tips of your fingers all over your face.

Next, lightly massage your face in a circular manner to relax it.

Step 5: Relaxation

To complete your facial relaxation, concentrate on how you feel during your self-massage. You should feel like you are smoothing out your skin while physically feeling more relaxed. 

Breathe calmly and deeply during the exercise.

Facial yoga is easily done during the day, whether at the office or at home. You can also do it in the morning when waking up or at night, when going to bed.

For it to be truly effective, it is recommended that you practise for about ten minutes every day.