Hallway Football 

What you need: A small football, futsal or just a small plastic ball, plus masking tape. Needs at least two players.

How to play: If you don’t have the luxury of a garden area or outside space, simply set up goals at the opposite ends of the hallway by placing masking tape on the floor. Try to make the teams as fair as possible, and grab a small, soft ball, and get playing!

Great for: Ball control and all round fitness.

Soccer Golf 

What you need: Normal sized football. Towels (preferably used). 

How to play: Lay towels around your garden or living room if big enough. Towels can be substituted for other items if you deem it acceptable. The aim of the game is to directly land the football on top of the towel with as few kicks, or ‘strokes’ as possible. The player with the lowest stroke score wins. To make the game harder and truer to real golf by adding in bunkers (chairs, lawn chairs) or even water features(kids’ paddling pool).

Great for: Technique and accuracy.  

Wall ball

What you need: A football and a flat vertical surface (fence, wall)

How to play: Fairly simple. Kick the ball against the wall and work hard to control it before it flies past you. 

There are however, variations to the game of Wall Ball. 

  • Use a different part of your body to control the ball with each return. Start with each foot, followed by your thigh, then knee, then chest, completed by head. 
  • Throw the ball to the very top of the wall or fence to practice your ball control or alternately, shape up on your volleying technique. 
  • Get siblings or other family members involved and make it competitive. A point is lost if the ball stops moving during their turn. 

Great for: Ball control, working your quick reaction muscles.

Soccer Tennis 

What you need: A football, a net or something that resembles one(this could be a row of chairs, a piece of rope tied between two chairs, or even a piece of raised wood). Needs at least two players.

How to play: Rules are pretty similar to normal tennis, but with a football instead of a tennis ball and a kicking leg instead of a tennis racket. The ball is only allowed to bounce once, and team members are only allowed two touches. 

Once your kids have mastered that, (and after removing breakable items) why not change the rules to no bounces allowed? 

Great for: Agility and ball control.

Soccer Marbles 

What you need: Two footballs, and ideally another person

How to play: Based on the playground game, with one football taking the place of several marbles. The first player kicks the ball and once it stops, the second player then kicks theirs, attempting to make contact with it. If the second player succeeds, they get a point. If not, then the first player gets an opportunity to make contact with the second player's ball. For ultimate enjoyment, this game should be played quickly, with very few pauses. 

Good for: Passing skills and shot placement.