A Goal for your Garden

It can prove to be very practical to own a football goal for playing in the garden, whether inflatable or classic. Small sided games (with or without boundaries), shots on goal (with or without a goalkeeper), crossbar challenges, or shooting against a target, the list is endless!

What's more, summer days are coming. It will be just as enjoyable to play in the garden without having to leave the house!

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Become more accurate!

With the help of this target, get your kids involved with accuracy games. You'll be able to work on the precision of your shots, while having fun.

You can score points for each gap you find: 1000 for top bins! It's very addictive - once you start, it's difficult to stop without beating your high score.

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A Goal and Ball that fit in your garden

You always need to adapt your choice of ball and goal based on the space you have. First of all, you can go for a small, medium or large size. Choose the size that gives you enough space to play and especially enough room to shoot.

You can also decide between a fixed goal, or one which is inflatable. Regarding the ball, it would be wise to go for a light ball instead of a match ball. You can even consider a foam ball if playing with young ones.

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