1. What Kit do I Need to Start Playing Football?


Running around your local park is the perfect place to start for beginners. You can do a big lap, or two, and some parks even have a running track. ...Read More

2. Where Can I Practice Football for Beginners?


Football for beginners can be played almost anywhere, which makes it such an accessible sport. It’s played on all different surfaces and even on indoor pitches....Read More

3. Who Can I Learn to Play Football With?


If you haven’t played football since you were at school but want to start playing for fun, it’s easy to find a local club which offers football for beginners. ...Read More

4. How Can I Stay Safe While Playing Football?


Football is an exciting, fast-paced game. It’s good exercise and fun, but it’s important to stay safe to avoid injury when playing football for beginners. ...Read More

5. What Nutritional & Physical training Can Help With Football for Beginners?


Good nutrition is important in football, and being fit will help you with the stamina you need on the field. It’s also key with football for beginners. ...Read More