Camping with kids can be a challenge, but we’re making finding ways to entertain them so much easier. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fun, memorable kids games that are ideal for a camp setting.
1. Horseshoes

There isn’t a more fun tossing game than the traditional horseshoe game. We think a set of steel horseshoes is worth the weight for the fun to be had. Just divide up into two groups and throw your shoes within one horseshoe-length from the stake to get points.

2. Charades

Charades is perfect for any number of people. Have everyone in the group write down a couple of items to act out and place them in a hat (or camp mug). Go around the campfire and draw slips, acting out clues to the phrase until someone guesses it right.

3. Two truths and a lie

This game requires no props at all. Simply go around the campfire one at a time and share three facts about yourself--two true ones and one that isn’t true. Other players have to guess the lie correctly!

4. Spoons

Kids love this game. Place however many spoons (rocks work too) that equal one less than the number of players you have (if you have five kids, you’ll need four rocks). Deal four cards to each person. All players, at the same time, take out one card and discard it to their left. Each person picks up the card that has been put on their right to continue the motion. The first person who has four of a kind secretly picks up a rock. When the other players notice a rock missing, they pick up the remaining rocks. The person who doesn’t grab on is out the next round.

5. Scavenger hunt

For littler kids, you can plan a scavenger hunt. Simply make a list of items for the kids to gather--it can be as long or as short as time allows. Just be sure to keep play in the campsite area so no one gets lost or disturbs wildlife.

6. Flashlight tag

This is such a fun game! It’s a nighttime version of hide-and-seek and tag together. One person is “it.” They count to ten, allowing all the other players to hide. Then the person who is “it” tries to find the other players in the dark using the flashlight.

7. I spy

Younger kids love I Spy. Each player takes turns giving clues that they can see, saying “I spy with my little eye, something round,” for example. The person who guesses correctly wins.

8. 20 questions

This classic keeps kids of all ages occupied. Simply have one person pick a person, place or thing (it should be camping related in this game) for the other players to guess. Players take turns asking yes or no questions. If players guess before the 20 questions are up, they win!