If you're looking to buy a gift for therunning fanatic in your life, then take a look at this handy list to help you decide.

Running Socks - Decent running socks are a staple of a runner's kit list. You can't go wrong.

Decathlon Gift Cards - Take the stress away and simply get them a voucher. That way you'll avoid getting them the wrong sizes or colours and they'll get to pick what they want. Our vouchers are available to use in store or on the web and are valid for 2 years. Easy!

Running Related Books - There is a lot out there when it comes to running books, so picking the right one isn't always the easiest. I really enjoyed the three books written by Adharanand Finn: Running With The Kenyans, The Way Of The Runner and The Rise Of The Ultra Runner. Any of these three make great reading for the running enthusiast.

Race Entry - This one might need a little communication between yourself and the giftee. Imagine the horror on their faces when you've entered them into a marathon when all they really want to run is a 10k. Ask what races they'd like to do (every runner has at least one on their list) and offer to pay for the entry fee.

GPS Watch - A bit on the pricier side when it comes to gift giving but well worth the money for the regular runner. Probably best to ask what their preference is with watches as the specs vary.

Vo2 Max Test - For the data geeks out there, this one would really go down well. Basically, they'll get tested on a treadmill and have their data analysed in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They will come away from the test knowing how to train in the months ahead and what type of training will be right.