Before a puncture leaves you flat, get pumped with this advice.

Just when your ride was going so well, little else will leave you more deflated than getting a puncture. This is even more true when you’re farthest from home, it’s getting dark and starting to rain. Only then do you realise that you’ve left your puncture repair kit safely by the door at home. Does this sound like it could happen to you? Before you even arrive at this desperate scene, there are a few preventive precautions you can take. Here’s how to avoid punctures.
Don’t ride with “tired” tyres

Bike tyres that have the tread worn down are vulnerable to punctures. If you’d rather spend your time riding your bike than sitting on the side of the road, furiously pumping up your tyres (which may puncture again a little ways down the road), make sure your tyre treads have enough material to roll over threatening debris.

Get pumped up

Tyres lose air over time and become soft, which makes them more prone to puncturing. Your tyre’s sidewall should have the recommended tyre pressure printed or moulded into the rubber on the side of the tread. Properly inflated tyres are safer, more efficient, and will last longer than under – or overinflated tyres.

May each of your tyres have a silver (or rather black) lining

Tyre liners are strips of polyurethane that line the interior of your tyre to provide a durable layer of protection against wilful, sharp objects intent on ruining your ride.

Take the air out of your tyres before a puncture knocks the wind out of you

A new trend in airless tubes has given the world foam inserts that make punctures history. A durable foam compound is sized according to the tyre and fits between the wheel rim and tyre. Once the domain of commuter bikes, airless tubes are now available for road, mountain, folding, cruiser, and kids’ bikes.

The best road bike tyres to avoid punctures are the ones that aren’t threadbare, that are properly inflated, that have been fortified with a liner or airless tube, and that have been carefully steered clear of glass, thorns, nails, splinters, or any other piercing, roadside nuisance that stops you from just riding along.