What is muscle strengthening?

As its name suggests, muscle strengthening is about focusing on certain muscle groups to develop them and regaining their power that they may have lost over time.

After 30 years old, an average person loses about 0.5% of their muscle mass each year. I know, it’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth. A neglected diet and lack of daily physical activity can contribute to that, but not all is lost! 

Muscle strengthening, accessible to anyone depending on its intensity, can help your body find its strength and energy back, acting almost an anti-aging serum.

That being said, it’s important not to mix up muscle strengthening and bodybuilding or weight training. The former does not entail lifting or pulling heavy weights and will not contribute to increasing your muscle mass. It is a discipline that focuses on body weight exercises and repeating certain movements.

These different exercises can also contribute to improving your posture and having an overall toned figure. The focus will mainly be on your abs, your glutes and thighs. Other muscle groups can also be targeted thanks to the many body weight exercises that exist.

Muscle strengthening can be your well-being ally, helping you maintain a healthy and athletic body.

Muscle strengthening rules

You should build your strength mainly through body weight exercises. The concept is to work your muscles at their core to help them be stronger. Depending on your experience and current shape, some exercises, such as planks or core exercises, might be more difficult than others. The idea is to work both on repeating certain movements for short bursts of effort, but also teaching your muscles how to be more resistant during longer periods of exercising, and ultimately have stronger muscles.

One of the advantages of these routines is that it can be practised indoors, at home or in a gym, with or without a trainer, using accessories and fitness equipment or not. The most important is just to keep repeating the movements so they become easier as time goes by, and ultimately will help you feel better.

What are the benefits of building strength?

Muscle strengthening makes your muscles more toned and stronger. It can help rebalance your muscle structure, by making up for any shortcomings built over time.

Repeating these movements helps strengthen your stabilizer muscles. These specific muscles help keep a good posture while reducing the risks of back pain. They also have positive effects on your bones by stimulating bone density and helping your body fight against diseases like osteoporosis. Finally, having strong muscles also means you will have a flattering silhouette. You won’t increase your bicep or thighs muscles significantly, but your body fat percentage will decrease. Your body will thank you for being healthier and stronger!

Is it right for me?

This fitness discipline is made for those who want to increase their overall fitness, energy, posture and tone certain body areas.

Anyone can do it: just remember that the intensity and difficulty of the exercises will depend on your ability and your body. It’s suitable for elderly people who want to maintain physical fitness, for athletic people who wish to use it as a complement to their main sport, and everyone in between. As you continue your routine and practice, you will naturally gain muscle strength and endurance. 

What equipment do I need?

The most important thing is to wear a comfortable outfit: a t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts or leggings, and don’t forget the socks! Make sure each part of your outfit has some stretchy components to make your movements easier, and breathable fabric so sweat doesn’t stick to your body. For your shoes, pick a pair that is lightweight and comfortable (think about the sole cushioning), while also supporting your foot.