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1. Three Types Of Bows

Recurve Bow

The recurve bow is a bow that adapts to your use, whilst being available in different sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of people

The Longbow

The longbow is also called a traditional bow. It is a one-piece construction and is intended for advanced archers  (no accessories can be fitted to it).

Compound Bow

The compound bow is a bow with a high draw weight that is mostly dedicated to competition use.
2. Archer - Level Of Skill

Discovering Archery

If you are discovering archery with either family or amongst friends, go to the DISCOVERY range.

I Know How To Shoot With A Bow

If you already know how to shoot with a bow and you are starting to shoot in a club, go to the DISCOVERY or CLUB range.

I've Mastered Archery

If you have already mastered archery at club level and are starting out at competition level, go to the CLUB range.
3. Are You Left Or Right Handed?

Here is a simple method to know which is your dominant eye: With both eyes open, point with your thumb at an object 5 meters away; then close your left eye.

You Are Right Handed

If your thumb is still centred on the target, this means that you use your right eye to aim.

A right-handed archer aims with his right eye, holds his bow with his left hand and pulls the bowstring with the right hand.

You Are Left Handed

Your thumb is left of the target, which means that you use your left eye to aim.

A left-handed archer aims with his left eye, holds the bow with his right hand, and pulls the bowstring with his left hand