It will depend on the kind of activity you’re doing i.e. kayaking, stand up paddling or dinghy sailing, as well as you weight and any extra features you might need, like pockets.
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There are a number of things to consider before buying a buoyancy vest for kayaking, stand up paddling or dinghy sailing.

1. Which Watersport?
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If you’re going to be two nautical miles (that’s 3.22km) or further from land at any point on your stand up paddle board or in your kayak/dinghy, you should wear a buoyancy vest . If that activity is unsupervised, choose a 50 Newton vest (BA 50 N or Wairgo vest). For supervised activities (at school or a watersports club), choose a 70 Newton vest (BA 100 70N or BA 500 70N).

If you’re going to be yacht sailing two nautical miles (that’s 3.22km) or further from land, you should wear a life jacket . For inshore sailing , choose a 100 Newton life jacket, and foroffshore sailing , opt for a 150 Newton life jacket.

2. Your Weight
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Your weight will determine the choice of your vest but it’s best to asses each vest’s suitability for you individually by reading the instructions on it. The only vest this doesn’t apply to is the WAIRGO vest , which is chosen according to your size: S, M, L, XL.

3. Your Activity And Its Intensity
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Depending on your activity and its intensity , you may need more freedom of movement. A foam vest will be more restrictive, for example, over long distances than the WAIRGO vest, which is cut for a close fit and move with your body.

4. Pockets
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It’ll depend who you – parent, part of a team, riding solo, for example – and the kind of activity you’re doing, but most people want pockets on their vest. At the very least, you’ll want one watertight pocket for your phone but you might want more, or a bigger pouch, to keep cereal bars and a water bladder.

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