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There are two types of dartboards: the soft plastic tip dartboard (electronic) and the dartboard for steel points (traditional). Discover their features to make it easier to choose:
1. There Are Two Types Of Dartboards

Geologic offers two types of dartboards:

The Soft Plastic Tip Dartboard (Electronic)

With the soft plastic tip dartboard (electronic) you will have immediate interaction with the dartboard. It will total points and display each player's score.

You will use darts with a soft plastic tip, which are safer when playing with family.

Steel Point Dartboard (Traditional)

With a dartboard for steel point darts (traditional), you'll have the real playing feel and a more traditional design. The choice will be made based on how often you play (Occasional, Regular, Intensive).

Steel points darts are more accurate for playing with.
2. The Soft Plastic Tip DartboardĀ (Electronic)

Power Supply

There are two types of power source

- Mains power: You will have to plug dartboard into an electric socket.

- With batteries: This will allow you to play wherever you want.

Number Of Display Screens

Geologic offers dartboards that include up to 4 screens (multi-player). This will enable players to constantly keep track of their score without having to wait their turn.


Geologic offers dartboards that include cabinets to make it more discrete and for storing your darts.