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DECATHLON's fitness brand offers useful suggestions for your workouts.

The kind of mini stepper you use depends on your fitness goals – do you want to just work your lower body, or do you want to work both your upper and lower body at once?

Your Training Objectives
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If you envisage toning and strengthening just your lower body , opt for a basic mini stepper with non-slip steps and a counter. For improved safety and stability , pick one that has an adjustable handlebar too – it’ll be more comfortable, help with balance and keep your back straight.

For a full-body workout , we suggest choosing a versatile mini stepper model with lateral elastic straps. This type of mini stepper lets you work your lower body (that’s glutes, thighs, calves) and upper body (arms and shoulders) at the same time.

It’s up to you which kind of mini stepper you use, but rest assured all models will help with losing weight and cardio training.

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Fitness Specialist

Remember that exercising for 25 minutes each day is more effective than doing one hour of exercise three times per week.