What Capacity Should My Backpack Be?

When it comes to choosing the size of your backpack, you'll need to have in mind how long you'll be on your feet and what kit you'll need to carry considering your environment. If racing, you'll need to consider the length between each water/feed station and if the race organiser has set a mandatory kit list.

If you need to be self-sufficient for:

Up to 20k to 40k: 5 Litres

Decathlon's range of 5L packs come with a 1L water bladder. With six pockets there's also enough space to fit essentials such as: 150ml soft flask, packable jacket, keys, phone, gels, hat, gloves and a survival blanket.

Kalenji Sac Trail Running 5l Noir Bron Ah20 Pe20 - 000 --- Expires On 26-12-2028.jpg
Evadict 5L

40k to 80k: 10 Litres

The 10L capacity packs also come with a 1L water bladder but has a total of 10 pockets to help carry your essentials. The front six pockets enable you to carry: 2 x 500ml soft flasks, gels, bars and a collapsible cup. The rear pockets come in handy for clothing, head-torch and valuables such as keys & smartphone. There are also 2 elastic straps on either side of the bag also allow you to carry your 3-section running poles.

Kalenji Sac De Trail 10 L  Rose Ah20 Pe20 - 000 --- Expires On 02-01-2029.jpg
Evadict 10L

80k+: 15 Litres

The 15l backpack is the largest in the range, with a 2L water bladder, elastic pole straps and a total of 15 pockets. This pack really is designed for the ultra runner looking to carry the mandatory kit needed for such distances.

Kalenji Sac Trail Ultra 15 L Noir Ah20 Pe20 - 000 --- Expires On 26-12-2028.jpg
Evadict 15L

Light and fast up to 20 to 40k: 5L Vest

The 5L vest is a definite firm favorite with me as I like to carry as little weight as possible. Despite it's size it can fit a surprising amount of kit. In terms of hydration there a 2 pockets at the front for 2x500ml soft flasks. There are a further ten pockets that allow you to comfortably carry: packable jacket, keys, phone, gels, hat, gloves, head-torch, collapsible cup and survival blanket. Want to carry collapsible poles with you? No problem, you can attach a quiver to the back of the vest.

Kalenji Gilet Trail 5l Ah20 Pe20 - 000 --- Expires On 26-12-2028.jpg
Evadict 5L Vest
What About Sizing?

All of Decathlon's running backpacks have been tested and approved by both Men and Women. Not only that, apart from the 5L backpack, all of the packs come in three different sizes:

XS/S - 24 to 28 Inch (Measurement of waist at the belly button)

M/L - 28 to 32 Inch

XL - 33 inch 38 Inch

The 5L vest, 10L and 15L backpacks also have three adjustable chest straps to better adapt to the users shape.