There's a huge range of skates on offer for all sorts of activities, from fitness skating to freeride and even roller derby. So how do to choose the right ones?
Our Urban Sports Brand
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Our urban sports brand offers expert advice for roller skating enthusiasts.

You should choose your skates based on two criteria: the type of skating you do and how good you are.

1. Type Of Skating

There are four kinds of skating practices:

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Fitness / Road Skating

This kind of skating focuses on straight lines – if you’re just starting out, you’re in this category.

These rides can be gentler or more intense and even cover quite long distances.

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Freeride / Aggressive Skating

Skating, sliding, jumping and doing tricks.

Freeride is done in the skate park, where the urban environment becomes your playground.

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Roller Derby

A team sport that combines tactics, speed and contact. It's done on an oval indoor track.

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Roller Hockey

A team sport based on ice hockey (but with roller skates, not ice skates) that requires speed, power and technical skill. It can be played indoors or out.

2. Your Level

Oxelo offers fitness and road skates designed to suit your standard of skating:

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For Beginners

Beginners who are just discovering skating sports and keeping to a slow speed.

Their aim is to master the basics: getting up, pushing off, maintaining their balance, turning, and braking using the toe stop.

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For Intermediates

Short rides or medium distances (10 to 20km).

Intermediates can perform basic moves at higher speeds, as well as T-stops, tight turns and crossover turns. In a controlled environment they can choose their direction, do emergency stops and avoid or get past an obstacle.

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For Experts

Experts regularly go on medium and long-distance rides (more than 20km).

They can easily do all of the intermediate moves, even at high speeds or going backwards. In an urban environment they can control their direction, do emergency stops, and avoid or get past obstacles.

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Scooters Specialist

Falling over is a normal part of learning to skate. If you want to prevent injury, it's best to wear a helmet and protective pads.