Which strings would suit your playing style? And what’s the difference? Will you perform better with a certain type of string? If you’re struggling, read on.

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The right strings will first and foremost increase your sensation as you play. To find them, you’ll need to prioritise your requirements i.e. is it durability or power that you want most?

1. Choosing Your Strings Based On Your Level
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You are a regular player

If you play often, your priority should be the durability of the strings. For strings that are resistant to wear, choose a design with a thick gauge of between 0.7mm and 0.75mm.

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You are an intensive player

Your priority is power . If you require strings that generate energy upon impact with the shuttle, you should choose ones of a finer gauge (between 0.66mm and 0.7mm).

2. The Composition Of Strings
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In contrast to tennis, only multi-filament strings are used in badminton. The only thing that sets the various strings apart from one another is the gauge. The higher the gauge – and therefore the thicker the strings – the more durable they’ll be. The lower the gauge – and therefore the finer the strings – the more sensation the player will feel.