But it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know about the few key things to look for.

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DECATHLON's fitness brand offers useful suggestions for your practice.

To choose the right cardio training clothing for you, you'll want to take into account your workout level and how often you hit the mat, pavement or machine. This can all be condensed into three criteria: how well a fabric wicks perspiration away from the body, how light the fabric is and, also how good it is at managing odours.

1. Perspiration Wicking
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It’s a fact that when you exert energy and raise your heart rate, you sweat. And that sweat can make you really uncomfortable – think clammy, sore, too hot and event too cold – if you aren’t wearing the right clothes. In short, the more intense your activities, the more important it is to wear breathable fabrics because they’re designed to absorb perspiration and wick it away to the outer side of the fabric so it dries quickly.

Prone to sweating? Upping the tempo on your workout? Look out for technical clothing with vents at the back, behind the knees, at the waistline, etc.

2. Lightweight
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For greater freedom of movement without constriction, choose lightweight fabrics that you can forget you’re even wearing and focus on the task at hand. You can get both loose-fit and second-skin effect training gear in lightweight fabrics.

3. Odour Control
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In addition to wicking away perspiration, some lightweight fabrics also feature odour control technology, which is ideal for intense or long training sessions.