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There are two types of darts: the darts with a soft plastic tip and steel point dart.

Firstly here is an exploded view of a dart in order to know all the parts it is made up of.
What Parts Make Up A Dart?
1. What Dartboard Are You Going To Play With?And With What Point?

GEOLOGIC offers two types of dartboards

The Soft Plastic Tip Dartboard (Electronic)

If you decide to play on a soft plastic tip dartboard, you have to choose soft plastic tip darts. These are preferable if you are playing with family because they are safer.

Steel Point Dartboard (Traditional)

If you decide to play on a steel point dartboard, you have to choose steel tip darts.
2. How Often Do You Play?

Once you have determined the type of dart, you are left with determining how often you will play. GEOLOGIC will help you work out your frequency:


I'm starting to play darts.

It is preferable to select a light barrel that makes it easier to throw darts as a beginner.

Go with the VOSTOK range


I want to further develop my darts skills.

A larger and heavier barrel is preferable because it makes it easier to grip dart and improve your accuracy.

Opt for the FALCON range


I want to compete at darts.

A heavier but narrow barrel is preferable to better group your darts. These darts will be made from tungsten.

Go with the ARIANE range