We’re not talking expensive, specialist footwear, but trainers that are designed to the specific requirements of your feet and are durable enough for the activity.  
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Decathlon's specialist fitness walking brand.

For fitness walking, it’s essential to have flexible shoes that follow the motion of your foot. Then, the pair you choose will depend on how you walk, how often you walk and the weather conditions.

1. Type Of Fitness Walking

Fitness walking is a sport – yes, really and it’s really good for you – that is done at different paces and for different reasons. As a result, it’s possible to identify the three different types of fitness walking:

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Active Walking

If you walk at a moderate pace to feel good, you need flexible and lightweight shoes.

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Fast Walking

If you walk at a fast pace to strengthen your muscles and your heart, then your need flexible and responsive shoes.

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Nordic Walking

If you walk with poles to feel good and strengthen your body, you need flexible shoes with good grip.

2. Walking Frequency

To make the most of your outings, it’s important to choose fitness walking shoes according to how often you practice the sport:

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For Occasional Usage

If you walk less than once week.

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For Regular Usage

If you walk about once a week.

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For Intensive Usage

If you walk twice a week or more.

3. Weather Conditions

To keep your feet as comfortable as possible when fitness walking, you need to choose shoes that will keep you comfortable and still perform in the following weather conditions:

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For Dry Weather Conditions

You need breathable shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

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For Rainy Weather Conditions

You need waterproof footwear that keeps your feet completely dry.

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For All Weather Conditions

You need water-repellent shoes that protect your feet from light rain without being too hot in dry conditions.