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Above all else, children need flexibility and comfort from their footwear, and this is especially important in walking or fitness shoes. Then, to pick the right pair, you’ll need to consider how often they’ll use them and the weather conditions.

1. How Often They Walk

To make the most of your outings, it’s important to choose your children's shoes according to how often they wear them:

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For Occasional Use

So, that’s less than once a week.

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For Regular Use

Your little one is a regular walker if they’re out and about once a week.

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For Intensive Use

We’re thinking twice a week or more.

2. Weather Conditions

For maximum comfort during a walk, your kids’ shoes need to be suited to the weather.

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For Dry Weather

Your child needs breathable shoes that allow their feet to breathe.

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For Rainy Weather

Your child needs shoes that keep their feet completely dry.

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For All Weather Conditions

Your child needs water-repellent shoes that protect their feet from light rain without being too hot in dry conditions.

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Fitness Walking Specialist

At Newfeel, we are passionately devoted to the design of children's footwear.

From the creation phase to the field tests, designers, engineers and product managers work daily to ensure that your children enjoy their fitness walking sessions as much as possible.