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Our ice sports brand offers expert advice for your sporting practice.

You should choose your recreational ice skates based on your age, as well as the level of support, comfort and warmth you need.

1. The Skater'S Age

Oxelo offers two types of recreational ice skates depending on your age:

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Adults wanting to ice skate indoors or outdoors.

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Kids aged 5 to 13 who want to try skating for the first time.

2. Kids' Recreational Ice Skates
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Here are some kid-specific options to get your started:

PLAY3 recreational ice skate: the boot provides the right level of support to protect your young ice skater’s ankle.

FIT3 recreational ice skate: the level of support is the same, but the skate is designed to be more comfortable,, particularly during longer sessions.

FIT5 recreational ice skate: guarantees good support and comfort, as well as good thermal insulation.

3. Adult Recreational Ice Skates
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Fit1 recreational ice skate: provides good ankle support.

Fit3 recreational ice skate: combines support with comfort.

Bond Warm recreational ice skate by FILA: offers support and comfort, as well as warmth.

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Ice Sports Specialist

Remember to wipe your skates with a clean, dry cloth after each session. This will stop them rusting. Also remember to have your skates regularly sharpened so that they stay grippy and give you a good quality glide.