Durability or support? Better cushioning for more intensive play? Choosing tennis shoes for your little sports star can throw up a lot of questions, but it’s important to ask them.
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Our racket sports brand offers tips to improve your mini Murray’s gameplay.

You’ll need to think about where they’re at skill-wise, the kind of player they are – are they destined for the big time or just messing around? – as well as the technical characteristics of certain shoes.

1. Your Kid'S Playing Level

Artengo offers three types of shoes depending on your child's playing level.

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For Occasional Use

If your child uses his or her shoes for sport at school or even to start tennis, he or she will need very durable shoes. The 700, 730 and 760 Series will meet his or her needs very well.

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For Regular Use

In the case of regular use beyond playing tennis as a school sport, your child will need durability but also cushioning to protect his or her joints. These benefits can be found in the 860 Series junior shoes.

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For Intensive Use

If you child plays tennis intensively, his or her requirements will also be more extensive. For intensive play, three assets are essential: cushioning, durability and support. You will find these three features in the 990 Series junior tennis shoes.

2. The Wise Choice: The Non-Marking Sole!
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Music to every parent’s ears! A shoe that won’t ruin yours – or the school’s floors! Sports shoes with non-marking soles are actually a requirement for some clubs, so it’s a good idea to opt in just in case.

3. Technical Benefits: How Do You Know What To Look For?

Your children's sports shoes will offer many technical benefits, but it’s easy to get lost amongst all of the explanations. Let's go through the features of our junior shoes…

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Ability To Withstand Any Test

In order to stand up to daily use, durability is an important asset in a junior tennis shoe. You should therefore opt for a rubber shoe that is reinforced at the front of the foot because this is where the most is required of the shoe.

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Sights Set On Comfort

If your children's shoes barely ever leave their feet, it’s essential that they feel comfortable. Good cushioning will therefore be crucial.

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Good Foot Support

Children's feet are different to adults. To promote good foot health and reduce the risk of injury, go for shoes that offer good support – generally, that comes from the heel.

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Junior Tennis Shoes Product Manager

Children often push their shoes to the limit, both on the court and off, so our design teams developed Artengo TS760 shoes to last. In addition to rubber soles, an indication of resistance to wear, they feature a number of reinforcements in the main area of wear at the ball of the foot. Parents really endorse them on account of their ability to withstand any test and on account of their price. And kids love them for the cool colourways! The Artengo TS760 shoe is a genuine champion when it comes to durability and style.