Golf Stand Bags

Golf stand bags, or golf carry bags as they are also known, are perhaps the most common type of bag used by a regular golfer. Designed to be carried around the course with two shoulder straps, these bags need to be lightweight and practical. The last thing you want is to carry a heavy bag around 18 holes!

Golf Trolley Bags

Golf trolley bags are, as the name implies, designed to be placed on a trolley. Our American friends refer to them as golf cart bags. Trolley bags can afford to be much bigger and heavier than a carry bag, meaning they benefit from more pockets and space for your clubs. However just remember that you will have to transport a golf trolley and large golf bag with you when you want to play golf.

Golf Tour Bags

As seen in use by most tour golfers, tour bags are in essence huge trolley bags. I would suggest steering clear of these because their sheer size makes them impractical for us mere mortals.

Space / Practicality

First of all you want to consider the number of pockets and the size of these pockets. Some bags will also come with a special drinks pocket and a waterproof pockets to protect your valuables, which are nice features. With a trolley bag you’re likely to have more than enough space.

Thankfully most modern stand bags are lightweight, with the lightest weighing around 2kg, and also fairly spacious and practical. This is extremely beneficial in the UK where we often have to fill our bags with sweaters, waterproofs and an umbrella! However if you like to carry a wide range of clothes, accessories, drinks and snacks then make sure there’s enough space for you... It’s also worth considering the number of club compartments in your bag. The more compartments there are the easier it will be to keep the clubs separate and put them in and out of the bag.

Finally a relatively recent development is the fully waterproof golf bag. If you’re a hardy golfer who plays in wind, rain, snow or shine this could be suitable for you.


Simply put, some golf bags are more durable than others due to the types of material used. Ripstop material is always beneficial as it helps to prevents small holes from developing into large tears. If you’re buying a stand bag then also test the stand / legs. You want to make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand repeated use.


We’ve touched upon this throughout, but if you’re in the market for a stand bag then it is a very important consideration. Inesis have gone as far to create the ultralight stand bag range and Sunday golf bag. Both are perfect for 9 holes in the evening after work or for taking a few clubs to the range.


As always it’s important to feel that you getting good value for money when picking your bag. Therefore make sure you think carefully about what it is you’re looking for in your golf bag. Once you’ve done this be sure to pop into your local shop to get a feel for different models, whilst also checking the reviews left by other golfers online! If you’re unsure or need any further advice please do pop into your local Decathlon store where the local Golf Leader will be able to help you pick the best golf bag for you.

About the author

Matt Kraus: Since picking up a golf club as a young junior Golf has always been my passion. I live, work and play as much golf as possible in Sheffield, so if you want to speak to me about all things golf then please pop in the Decathlon Sheffield store.