How to Choose the Best Golf Balls for You?

Whether you’re looking for the best golf balls for beginners or a tour level golf ball, we can help you find the ball that will reduce your golf scores.

Matthew KRAUS

How To Choose The Best Golf Balls For You?

How to Choose the Best Golf Balls for You?

Matthew KRAUS

The key questions to answer
Is the golf ball important?

In short, YES! Remember the golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot. You need to make sure you pick the right ball for you.

Should I only play one type of golf ball?

Often you find yourself reaching into your golf bag only to find that you have a wide collection of golf balls from various different brands. This isn’t going to help your golf game. Getting to know the behaviours of your golf ball can help you get up and down for par.

How many layers?

Two piece golf balls are very popular with everyday golfers because they combine maximum distance and durability. They are typically firmer and offer good control off the tee as they spin less through the air.

Three piece golf balls include an extra layer of liquid rubber in between the core and the cover. Most premium three piece golf balls also come with a urethane cover. They tend to be low spinning golf balls on longer shots, giving you greater control off the tee. However they also offer the best short game spin control and a softer feel which is very popular. As we all know, if you can hit the ball closer you will start making birdies.

Four and Five piece golf balls are a relatively new development in the golf ball market. Each layer is optimised to suit different parts of the game, such as long game distance, iron distance and control and short game feel and performance. Manufacturers hope that by doing this there will be no compromise on distance, feel or control. The balls are positioned as market leading, so to get your hands on these you'll have to pay a premium.


The price of golf balls can be off putting, but we advise you to pick the right ball for you and your golf swing. Thankfully Inesis have created a very affordable range of golf balls.

Inesis Distance 100 (£4.99 per dozen) – This two-piece golf ball is an unbeatable beginners golf ball, providing maximum distance and great value for money.

Inesis Soft 500 (£9.99 per dozen) - If you’re a regular golfer looking for a soft feeling two-piece golf ball then try the Soft 500 range. You’ve probably played the mid-market balls from Srixon and Callaway. In our opinion the Soft 500 performs well in comparison, so at almost half the price it is a brilliant golf ball and well worth a try.

Inesis Tour 900 (£19.99 per dozen) - If you want a premium golf ball but are put off by the high prices then you should try the Tour 900 ball. Designed to compete with the market leading Titleist golf balls, the Tour 900 is suitable for even the most gifted golfers thanks to its improved short game spin control. At only £19.99 per dozen it offers unbeatable performance for the price.

In conclusion

The best thing you can do is test a few different types of golf balls and find one that suits your golf swing and feel. It is important to consider what your golf game needs too. If you struggle to control the ball off the tee for example, then maybe a lower spinning golf ball will help to reduce your dispersion. Likewise if you are already a long hitter, maybe a golf ball that provides more spin and control around the green will be the best golf ball for you. Happy golfing!