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B'Twin Road Bikes are designed for both cyclists who want to get into road riding as well as demanding competitors. Read on for our guide to choosing your road bike…

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Handy tips to help you with your cycling practice from Decathlon’s cycling brand.

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The key thing to think about when choosing your road bike is how you plan to use it – is it for fitness or performance?

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Want To Get Fit? Or Are You Just Getting Into Road Cycling?

Go for a bike that’s shaped to give you a more comfortable position – a flat handlebar will do this and make the bike easier to handle. An aluminium frame is a good idea because it will be lighter and more efficient. Carbon forks also help make bikes lighter.

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Is Your Priority Performance?

You need a frame that is light and efficient no matter how hilly the terrain is. From flat ground to mountains, a performance road bike won’t slow down, and teamed with an aluminium or carbon frame, won’t hinder comfort.

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Cycling Specialist

To make your bike more effective and even lighter, you could consider using higher end components for the wheels and drivetrain.