This works with kids as a very rough guide but here you’ll read a more accurate method.

There are a few theories on how to measure hockey stick size. The most popular is that you stand a field hockey stick next to the player and you want the top of it to come up to the hip bone. This works with kids as a very rough guide but below you’ll read a more accurate method. This will work for both adults and kids fieldhockey sticks.

The best way is to pick up a stick and use it. For children if it’s their first ever stick use the hip measurement as a starting point. Then take a ball from the display and either pass between the child and yourself, or if they are confident enough ask them to do a bit of dribbling and a “v drag”.

It is normal for a child to try and get an adult stick as quickly as they can. This is because the adult range tends to open up more in the way of composition, shape and graphics. However it can have a negative impact on the development of the child.

You’ll know just from looking whether you’re in the right sort of area size wise. Generally adults will use a 36.5 inch stick, some prefer 37.5. The size matters! If you are used to using 36.5 inches then that additional inch means you need to re-learn how to stop, push, hit and slap the ball. It doesn’t take long but it does impact your game in the short term.

Don’t forget that with Decathlon you have a two year guarantee via the Decathlon Card. We want to make sure you are happy with your new stick so if you have any queries please speak to us in store or online!
Final Checks

1) Does the stick interfere with the body? Children are often keen to get a bigger stick - they won’t always need one. If it is too big the handle will jab them in the stomach when they use it.

2) Are they bending over too far? Hockey is played in a squat position, or as some call it “The Toilet Seat Position”. They should have a straight back when playing with minimal bend of the spine. If they are having to bend over too much it will be obvious.

3) Is it comfortable? This is the most important part. If the player can use the stick without difficulty then you are on to a winner!

About the author

Simon Webb, UK Field Hockey Leader:

The Hockey Family is a concept I believe in whole heartedly. I’ve played hockey all over the world and the bond we share is unique. It’s a sport of respect, fun, athleticism and equality. I’ve been lucky to manage at international and national level, umpire regional competitive games and national league friendlies, volunteer in European and Olympic competitions, be a journalist & photographer.

By being part of the Decathlon Field Hockey Project I am so happy to help millions of people enjoy the sport I love and live! Nothing thrills me more than to hear stories of hockey so please get in contact!