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Choose your Aqua shoes / Water shoes according to 3 criteria: How well they stay on, the protection and the grip.
Criteria For The Right Choice Of Aquashoes Or Water Shoes

Staying On Your Feet

Most models have integrated elastic straps. For a more secure fit, there are also models with adjustable straps, that stay in place better and adapt to your needs at the moment.

Protection Provided By The Shoe

For more comfort and shock absorbing, opt for aquashoes with an internal sole made of EVA. 1 to 2 cm thick, the latter is very popular and will enable you to walk on stones for quite a good distance.

Grip Of The Sole

The external soles have studs in order to prevent slipping as much as possible. Thin soles with small studs are very comfortable on sand, but nevertheless versatile. For walking on rocks, aquashoes with a thick sole and big studs are recommended.