Our Baby Gym Brand
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DECATHLON's baby gym brand offers helpful tips for your little sport star’s activities.

There are four main criteria to consider when choosing baby gym shoes: grip, ease of slipping on, flexibility and support for psychomotor development. Your child’s foot shape is important too, so don’t forget to think about his/her individual comfort.

1. Grippy Soles
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To keep your child from slipping during activities – whether beams and slopes are involved or not – the sole of his/her shoes should be non-slip and have heel and toe reinforcements.

2. Are they Fuss-Free to Get On?
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Anyone with children will know how a simple task like putting shoes on can cause an almighty meltdown and turn a happy kid that wants to play into an unhappy one who refuses to stand up. To make putting shoes on easy for your child (and you!), certain models have a wide opening and rip-tab fastening. Another tip: small circles on the sole help them tell right from left so, if it’s down to them, they won't put their shoes on the wrong feet.

3. Flexibility
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This one’s simple but important: a supple sole allows the shoe to follow the movements of your child's foot while offering protection from the floor.

4. Supporting Psychomotor Development
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Walking barefoot is best for babies so they can learn and experience tactile sensations. The nerves located under the foot help them determine where their body weight should be placed for proper balance, which is why a good gym shoe will replicate the sensation of being barefoot. How? By having a thin, ultra-supple and non-slip sole. This is the type of sole that will let young children improve their balance, motor skills and coordination without being restricted, as well as protecting their feet from chilly or dangerous surfaces.

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Contrary to traditional gym shoes, baby gym shoes are worn inside (on dry, smooth surfaces). They can be worn without socks so that little feet maintain maximum contact with the floor. They can be used for baby gym or worn at home.